Natural Mancandy: Devan


Devan Dmarcus Dunson


26 Years Young



Actor – Model – Musician


Dillon, South Carolina

Where do you currently reside?
Atlanta, GA

Are you single?
I have a friend that might kick my ass if I answer this question the wrong way, so let’s just say that as long as I have defined parameters, I’m good to go! Relationships are so damn ambiguous these days. I’m working to be the best version of me and hopefully along the way true love is actualized. Love knows love and that’s what I hope for above any title. It’s the true feeling that matters right? (I could say more but we might need to save that for a later date—wink wink)


What kind of woman excites you?
A focused yet fun woman excites me. I love to see people reach their goals so if a woman has vision I believe that it’s my duty to help her fulfill her purpose, that way the relationship is mutually meaningful. We can then complement each other and fit together like beautiful lyrics to a sweet melody. She gotta be able to ride the beat! (no pun intended)


What are your favorite hobbies and pastimes?
I love hitting up art events around the city and catching up with the cool kids! There’s nothing like live music, good drinks and kick ass people! I’ve become close to a lot of upcoming artists in Atlanta and I love to go out when I’m not busy and show them support. I have a rebel spirit and that’s how I feed it, with GOOD VIBES.


How do you feel about women who rock their natural hair?
I adore women who truly embrace all parts of themselves. Women are such dynamic beings, so I think those who fashion natural hair add to the complexity and brilliance of women as a whole.


What products do you use in your locs?

Honestly I very rarely get me locs tightened at this stage in their growth. However, when I shampoo and condition I use Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Care Products.


What tips can you give on staying in shape?
When I’m really on my A-Game I try to train 4-5 times a week.
My workouts vary from yoga, meditation, resistance training, biking, hiking, walks at the park, light dumbbell workouts, calisthenics, and even gymnastics. I very rarely lift heavy weights! I would say the most effective tool is a healthy, balanced diet.


Describe your idea of the perfect date.
The perfect date would be completely open to flow. Of course we can do the traditional things like go out for food, drinks, movies, etc. But the perfect date for me would be undefined and unrestricted! Let’s go to the moon baby! How we make it there is totally up to us!




Name one thing that most people might be surprised to learn. 

(I’ll give you 3)
1.) I’m a poet and I love making music. My debut project entitled “Foreva My Truth” should be out later this summer!
2.) I’m a nerd and I love to read. As a young kid my dad would make me read the Barnes & Nobles Summer Reading List and write 2 page Synopses on every damn book upon completion…smh…thanks again dad!
3.) I have a fear of snakes and spiders! Lmao they’re kind of creepy to me.


Social Media Outlets
Facebook: Devan Dunson
Facebook Fan Page: Devan Dunson – The Artist
Twitter: @Forevalivin
Instagram: @Forevalivin
Youtube: IamForevaLivin


*All photos by:

James C. Lewis|N3K|Noire 3000 Studios and Dom Kegal Photos


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