Natural Mancandy: David Terrell

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Name: David Terrell

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Age: 26

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Location: Boca Raton Florida

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Single? Taken?: Taken
What was it that attracted you to your significant other?: Her natural beauty, intelligence, great sense of humor, ambition, the fact that she knew how to re-twist my locs "</p
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Computer Engineer
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Working out, Football, Modeling, Hanging with friends, Programming, Taking selfies for IG"</p
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How do you feel about women who rock their natural hair?
I love women who rock their natural hair! A woman who is confident enough to where their natural God given hair is just so sexy to me, whether it being locd, frod out or styled up.
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What  products do you use on your hair?
The products I use the most in my Locs are Mango and Lime Locking Gel when I get my hair retwisted and Eden Bodyworks All Natural Coconut Shea Leave-in conditioner to keep them conditioned and looking healthy. 
What tip could you give on staying in shape?
The best tip I can give for staying in shape is to drink at least a gallon of water a day, stay away from fast, refined or processed foods, and if your going to work out don’t just talk about it…be about it!
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Describe your perfect date:
Florida Fall weather – Sunny, Cool light breeze, around 65-75 degrees, sweaters, boots, jeans.
Downtown – Preferably downtown Miami or Ft Lauderdale.
Coffee – Only the best to start the date off with, Starbucks.
A beach – How else will we work up an apatite for lunch? A walk on the beach will do just that.
Food – Debatable part, I want you to pick. Anything is fine with me, especially if I’m with you.
Shops – Little stores all lined up side by side, not like a mall (just to clarify). We’ll go into each a every one of them. We’ll get to find little things to remember the date by, I wouldn’t want you to forget.
Spoken Word Poetry – Exotic night to be exact.
Music – As cliche as this might be, music must be incorporated into our date. Maybe a local performer with a guitar playing his heart out on a street corner. Yes, I’ll make you dance with me.
A car – After a long day of walking around, sit down and drive for a little while. Go towards the beach away from the buildings, people, and traffic.
Fire – Once we arrive to the beach, it’ll be close to night time and getting chilly. You’ll need to keep warm and what better way than by me and a bonfire?
Blankets – To lay on while we watch the stars and drink our wine.
More music – To balance out the sound of the ocean.
Kisses – To top it all off.
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Name one thing people might be surprised to know about you.
I am a graduate student, receiving my masters in Computer Science. 
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Social media

I can be found on Instagram at @DreadsBlowingNTheWind and I also have a page dedicated just for dreadlocks called @Dreadslocstwist.

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