Natural Mancandy: Dallas

Dallas Wade
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Single? Taken?
what do you look for in a significant other?
I love a sense of humor along with intelligence and not naive, make me work for it and I do love my Latinas lol
Model, Music, want to act, I coach highschool Track & Field and some Real Estate.
I rap, I LOVE riding crotch rockets (Motorcycles) I ride am 05 GSXR 1000, I longboard, and I love working out.
How do you feel about women who rock their natural hair?
It’s THEE best, nothings wrong with weave but I want to be attracted to YOU not a horse lol nah but yea I admire it a ton, be YOU be NATURAL, embrace it! GOD gave you that! Why would you ever wanna hide it?!
What  products do you use on your hair?
Natural Oils when I get retwists
What tip could you give on staying in shape?
Calisthenics are King, running…sprints…cardiovascular vascular workout keep you young.
IMG_1637 (1)
Describe your perfect date
 I may sounds boring but I LOVE movies but I’m also very adventurous so I wouldn’t mind rock climbing and some dinner I like active stuff but also love to just sit and chill and listen to her talk.
Name one thing people might be surprised to know about you. 
I’m a ninja vampire, I draw, I love rock music, I’ve  NEVER drank or smoked in my life.. not once, not a drip of alcohol or a hit of anything. I’m proud of that, nothing against either one just not for me.
Social media links
Everything vine, snapchat, twitter @FlashmanWade


  • Wow! He’s a man of various talents, adventurous, laid back, has a sense of humor, seems nice (don’t know him personally so i dont know lol) and to top it off he’s incredibly handsome! One day he’s going to make a girl very happy! I’m jealous already lol

  • Marry me lol he is def the most attractive man with dreads that I’ve seen in a while JESUS.!!!!

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