Natural Mancandy: Camaro


Patrick Joel Marcelino aka Camarao

December 19 i’ll be 25



Rotterdam (The Netherlands)

Single? Taken? Married?


* if single what do you look for in a significant other?

A real queen, smart , loving , caring , a good mother , a good friend , a soulmate , a queen that also teaches me stuff… and blows my mind from time to time …. a woman confident thats confident in herself … who knows where she comes from … she gotta love music .. gotta be natural . down to earth .. and most of all she gotta love herself.



Running my Clothing brand Abioye Clothing, modeling, acting, graphic designing, making music videos/documentaries/short movies, photography



Play capoeira , Play percussion ,traveling, workout , learning about my roots , Painting , drawing , modeling, acting , singing , rapping , run my business , motivate others , inspire others, listen to music , make music videos/documentaries/short movies , video editing, photographing , graphic designing , ride bicycle , festival visiting ,, hangout with my friends ,, cooking , long boarding , surfing , rollerblading,, outdoor climbing , rafting ,, kajakking …
people say i do a lot of stuff…
but thats how it goes should be interesting everyday !


How do you feel about women who rock their natural hair?
they make me proud …. they make me feel at home … they put a smile on my face and realize that our girls are coming back home …. it makes me realize that our queens are waking up … and not being trapped all the time in this systems propaganda..
everytime i see a queen rocking her natural hair … im seeing a bright future for my daughter ..
I hope this is not a hype like every other hype .. but a permanent thing … we need to respect what god gave us … and be proud of that most of all … give thanks for natural being the new chemical!



What products do you use on your hair?
PURE coconut oil .. and castor oil … and water… only products that are 100% pure ..



What tip could you give on staying in shape?
workout every day … make it a habit …. wake up healthy … meditate …. go out .. run a couple of miles … do your workouts and enjoy what your doing … enjoy the progression .. the fact that your lungs are working optimal .. your muscles are evaluating …. your brains are working better … and stick to the routine ..dont make up excuses. if you need to wake up early because you gotta go to work … then wake up a bit more early to make sure you do your workouts.
DONT NEED NO FITNESS SCHOOL TO STAY AWAKE …. your temple (your body) contains the best and biggest gym ever build!


Describe your perfect date
somewhere warm .. at a abandoned beach …. towels…. pillows … fruits … sundown in the back ground .. music playing .while making some ital food together in some pots and pans on a little fire that we made …. drinking some fresh juices … herbs burning
sharing smiles … good energy … being a bit nervous (but along the way becoming relaxed because of her chill vibe)
singing together ….while having a good time … take a late night swim …


Name one thing people might be surprised to know about you.
lol .,,, difficult question .. I have a daughter i didn’t know about .. i found her 2 weeks ago !!!! and DNA  proved she’s mine !…..she’s becoming 8 in november … she’s beautiful , smart !!! she got it all ,… i know for sure that i am the most proud father that ever lived on this planet.. people ask me like arent you mad that 8 years have passed …. ?? to which i answer .. you know me .. i always look towards the light in the darkness … i rather prefer 8 years .. than discovering this after 20 years :).. i give thanks every single day .. and hope i can visit my daughter soon… she’s located in curaçao .. a little island in the carribean … daddy gotta make some extra money and go !!!



Where can you be found? (social media links)
facebook: ras camarao
facebook: abioye clothing

instagram @rascamarao
instagram @abioyeclothing





  • Edith Richards

    I met him on his 1st day in America. Ms. Yolande, I am Edith, and I will make sure your son stays safe and informed of how to survive in NYC! I say he is my adopted son. If my son traveled to a new country, I would want a mother to take care of my 21 year old son. Your son was raised well. He is respectful, grounded, and humble. I really admire him! He took a leap of faith and God will guide and protect him! My family will also do the same. I pray our family will meet your family soon. God bless.

  • I am so proud that this is my son! He is such a loving and beautiful person and will be a proud and loving father too. I hope he (we) can show his daughter and my grandchild soon as possible. Love you baby!

    • …. you just gave me tears mama …. didnt see this comment ♡♡ thank you so much for your sweet words … lets give genesis the broghtesy future she could ever dream about xx

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