Natural Mancandy: Anthony Leon


Anthony Leon


27- October 22 1987
From Miami, Florida  currently living in Atlanta, GA
Single? Taken?
I’m taken
* if taken what was it that attracted you to your significant other?
What got me is how beautiful she is. Tall and sexy.  Then on top of that she is too cool. Awesome personality and she is smart with good work ethics.
 I’m a fitness personal trainer. I also model, and act. I’m also a Handy man and I help my father with his home improvement company by doing flooring (hardwood floors and tile) and landscaping.
 I love art and music!! Reading and writing. Working out, playing basketball, movies, doing adventurist stuff with my girlfriend like hiking and skinny dipping and Partying!
How do you feel about women who rock their natural hair?
I support women who rock their natural hair, it’s a positive message and it’s beautiful when women are comfortable in their own skin!
What  products do you use on your hair?
Wyn. I use the cleansing conditioner because it doesn’t strip your hair of its natural nutrients. I also use Knot on my watch for a detangler. A bunch of Shea moisture products and Aloe Vera leaf for natural moisturizing.
What tip could you give on staying in shape?
A tip I can give on staying in shape is try to eat healthy and constantly working out. Try not to drink too much and cut down eating bread so much.
Describe your perfect date
A perfect date would be simple, as long as I got my baby beside me and she smiling; that’s perfect.
Name one thing people might be surprised to know about you.
 I’m extremely humble and sweet.
Social Media
I can be found @juicedinero on Instagram.  @juicedinero on Twitter as well

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