My Rockin Styles By: Anika G-Bedeau

Check out Anika as she shows us some of her Rockin Natural Styles.

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The first one are two simple corn rows with a braid added to the end for the plait.  I used superX braid for that and the corn rows were done on freshly washed hair and the LOC method was used. styler was used on my edges.

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The 2nd collage is an updo done on a wash and go.  Shea Moisture curl Enhancing Smoothie was used along with eco styler gel for the wash and go and then the hair was tied up with an old hair band to achieve the height.

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The 3rd is a wash and go to the front with a roll, pin and tuck towards the back.

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The 4th is a stretched twist out done by pinning the twists in different directions to stretch them,  leaving overnight and then taking down using coconut oil.

Thanks For Sharing Anika and Keep Rocking!!

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