My Latest Hair Shadowing Colors

  Here is a look at some of my most recent Hair Shadowing Colors:

Maybelline Color Tattoo Chocolate Suede


Here’s how it looked with my red curls:

photo (58) photo (57)

Once I applied it I realized it looked more silver than brown, however in the sunlight it did give off a brownish tint. I called this color: Strawberries & Cream.

After about a day I decided to amp up the color by going over the chocolate with Color Smash Hair Shadow in Light Blue.


*Here is a great tip I have picked up over the years of Hair Shadowing. If you apply a cream eyeshadow first and then go over it with a powdered hair shadow or eye shadow it will stick to the cream and last longer.

Here are the results of adding the blue:

photo (49) photo (50) photo (51) photo (52)I decided to call this color: Smurf Blue 🙂

I kept it blue for about two days before I decided to add two different color greens also by Color Smash Hair Shadow.

Here are the results of adding the green:

photo (56) photo (55) I called this color: Pastel Forest 🙂

I kept this color in until my wash day and then I went back to my red curls:

photo (2)

Gotta love Temporary Coloring!! 🙂

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