My latest Fave Wash-N-Go Cocktail Pictorial

I discovered a new cocktail of products to use that produce a great washngo and beautiful curls.


After I wash my hair with the Aussie moist shampoo and condish I use the Aussie moist 3 minute deep condish mixed with coconut oil and let it sit in my hair for 3 hours.

 Here is how my hair looked after I washed the deep condish out:

image image Next I put my hair in three sections:

image image


In the third section I left a small piece out to start applying my products. I start by applying the cantu leave in condish and brushing it through with a large paddle brush:

image image Once I have it brushed through I apply the taliah waajd curl sealer from roots to tips and then scrunch the bottom:

image image image image Next I continue doing these steps to each section until my entire head is done:

image image image Then you have to let the curl sealer sit in your hair at least 10-15 minutes so the product can seal the curl. Do not finger through it or mess with it at all just let it sit:

image Once the time is up its time to diffuse on low cool until dry:

image image image Here are the finished results:

image image image image image image image


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