My Latest Color Changes

The first color I tried was a hair chalk in Mellow Yellow by a company named Malibu Glitz. I picked it up for $.99 at my local beauty supply store. They have about 8 colors and if your looking to do an all over color style I would recommend picking up at least 5 of these depending on how long or thick your hair is.

Below you will see the results:

IMG_4824 IMG_4791

This color lasted maybe two days but hair chalk can last a day or so longer if you spray it with a light holding spray before you blow dry to set the color.

Next I decided to go for another all over blond look. So I combined both Jerome Russell blond and Streaks and tips blond spray. I sprayed the streaks and tips first and then the Jerome Russell on top to create a more blond and less gold look.

Streaks_N_Tips_Temporary_Color_Highlight_Spray_Golden_Blonde__72722.1383485283.386.513 (3) 16cf790d7d9c32daf34c10257d7278bd

Here are the results:

IMG_4555 IMG_4583

*Caution: If you touch your hair a lot prepare for it to get on your hands. All temporary color sprays will do this! Some more or less than others.


Once I washed out the above blond I decided to go for a black Cherry look by applying the Jerome Russell spray in Black to only one side of my hair.


Here are the results of the half black:

IMG_4869 IMG_4872

Big S/O to @luxebabyxo on Instagram for my awesome faux septum rings. I really do love them all!!

*Caution: The Jerome Russell in black is by far one of the messiest of the spray colors I have every used. It will get everywhere when applying and It will turn your face and hands black if you touch it to much or if lays directly on your face. In fact it was so messy I only left this color in for 1 full day.

Next I decided to try a spray I had picked up at Walgreen’s by the name of Chrome Lights in Metallic teal for $10.99. When I started to apply I realized that it was very little in the spray can and it barely covered on side of my hair so I decided to mix in some of the Malibu Glitz in Teal.


Here are the results:

IMG_5027 IMG_5030 IMG_5046

Although I love this color combo I would not recommend spending $10.99 on the Chrome Lights. The bottle is small, it clogs when it sprays and you can achieve better results using the teal color tattoo eye shadow. Also the glitz hair chalk was only $.99 and it was brighter than the spray so you do the math.

Under it all though I am really enjoying this Sparks Rad Raspberry Color. They say this brand color is really long lasting and I’m totally ok with that.


Happy Coloring Ladies<3 <3


  • Hi I love technique of coloring your natural hair, are you using the color spray on wet hair? And so you have YouTube tutorials on how to use the tattoo color eyeshadow? Where can I find it?

    • naturallytash

      Hey! Thank you! No spray goes on dry hair and my youtube name is TashNaturally or you can go under the queen of hair shadowing tab and look for a post I did on black and red hair and I have a quick video on that page.

  • You are killing it! I’m inspired to go find some color spray and/or chalk to change up my hair a little bit now. Yay!

  • Very lovely! I’ll check the beauty supply today for some hair chalk. I’m looking for some vibrant colors for the Spring and Summer Time!

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