My Fave Rockers on IG : @Barbie Conga

Barbie Conga has some of the most luscious and beautiful curls you have ever seen and a sweet aura that shines through. If you have a love for curlyfro’s as do I then this is most certainly a woman to follow. If your not already following her on IG you are sooo late 😉





Hi my name is Cristina better known by my Instagram name Barbie Conga. I am a Jersey girl and I have been rocking my curls for almost 4 years.


What or Who inspired you to go natural? I can’t say someone in particular inspired me.

I was inspired when I realized my hair was damaged and there was no coming back unless I stopped all chemicals and heat on my hair.

Did you bc or transition?

I started off transitioning and then became impatient and chopped my hair off a little above my ears.

What are your current hair goals?

My hair goal is to continue having healthy hair. I try not to be so taken by length. I rather have short healthy hair than damaged long hair.

Top 3 products and prices:

For a girl that is a product junkie picking only 3 products is rough (he he). But right now my top three products would have to be Cantu curl activator cream, Lotta Body shape me custard gel and Shea Moistures hold and shine moisture mist

 Is theirir a product you have tried that you would never use again?

 Yes the Kinky curly custard


This product did not work for me at all. I am not going to say it is a bad product because I have heard amazing reviews on it but my hair was not having it at all. And this happens sometimes not all products work for every hair type.


Do you have a favorite go to hairstyle?

I am a wash and go girl all the way! I like to keep it simple and free.


How do you protect you hair at night?

I always sleep on a satin pillow case this always helps keep my curls frizz free for several days.


Do you have a name for your hair or If you had to give your hair a name what would it be? Queen because since I have learned how to embrace my curls I have also embraced that I am Queen.




Sum up your natural hair journey in three words.

Totally life changing


Any advice to the natural newbies?

Embrace your own curls! It is good to look at other naturals for inspiration but do not let it bring you down when you realize maybe your hair type is not like that of your hair crush. We all have different curl patterns and once you accept that you will be able to learn and love your hair.


What is your favorite compliment you have ever been given on your hair?

Is that a wig you have on? I find it funny and I take it as a compliment.


If you could tell your younger self NOW something about your natural hair THEN what would that be?

I would tell my younger self “your hair is beautiful and your curls make you beautiful”


Do you have a favorite YouTube Vlogger?

My favorite youtuber would be SunkissAlba I think she and I have similar hair textures.

What inspired you to start your channel?

I just started sharing the things that worked for my hair on my Instagram page and realized how much I was helping other females. This has truly motivated me to continue sharing my reviews and tips.

Finish this sentence:
I Rock My Natural because it makes me feel beautiful and confident

 Social Media

Instagram: barbie_conga 

Keep Rockin Christina!!

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