~My Current Natural Hair Fave Products~

I am a recovering natural hair junkie and in my 3 years of being natural I have tried a lot of products. Within that time I have filtered a lot out and added a few in.  Here is my list of products that you will currently find in my stash. 

mane and tail

I have used Mane n Tail Shampoo and Conditioner for over two years until just recently when I discovered something better. I do still use the conditioner when I am doing a deep conditioning color and I still have some of the shampoo under my sink just in case.


My Mom turned me on to Aussie Moist Shampoo and Conditioner and I have been using it ever since. It leaves my curls so soft and shiny and moisturized that after one use it became a staple product for me.


Now this Aussie 3 minute miracle is so awesome I buy 3 at a time. When I use this I never leave it in for 3 minutes always an hour and my results are always shiny, well defined and great smelling curls.


I use the Trader Joe’s Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for just about everything. I use it as a hot oil treatment, in my deep condish, on my scalp, on my face and body as well as cooking. This is a product I try not to EVER run out of.


Cantu Shea Butter Leave-in repair cream is by far both my favorite leave in conditioner and curl refresher. This is one of the products that I have consistently used since the beginning of my natural hair journey.


This Cantu coconut oil shine and hold mist is my fave curl refresher combined with the Cantu leave in conditioner. I have also been known to use it when doing a wash and go.


The Cantu Curl activator cream used to be my top product when doing a wash n go. I also use it when doing Bantu knots and twist outs. I still really love this product but I also did discover something better to use with my wash n go’s.


Curls Unleashed Curl Defining Cream was my first go to product for my wash n go’s. I will still use it to do bantu knots and I mix it with the cantu curl activating cream to get a really defined wash n go. This is also a product that I have used since the very beginning of my natural journey.


Now I was given some of this Curls Blueberry Curl Control Paste when I attended the blissful curl tour in Houston and I fell in love with this stuff. It works great for wash n go’s, twist outs, braid outs, Bantu knots and works superbly on your edges when wearing your hair up. Not to mention it smells heavenly. 


I was turned on to the Camille Rose Naturals Curl Maker when I was sent a bottle to do a review on. I used it on my wash n go and instantly fell in love. It leaves my curls soft, defined and very shiny. I will definitely continue to use this and I was very happy that I gave it a try.

I have a number of other products in my stash but these are the ones that work the best for me and that I will continue to use until something better comes along to take its place.


  • I love all of these products also!!! So what’s your take on the whole “don’t use cones it’s bad for your natural hair” I feel like we have to use what works and I have used stuff with and without cones and I don’t see the big deal! What you think about cones? It’s all up in through those Aussie conditioners and your hair looks healthy to me! xo

    • naturallytash

      I honestly don’t care what anyone says about what I should and shouldn’t use in my natural hair. I go off what works and keeps my hair healthy. Aussie has worked and continues to work great for me. So I’m sticking with it lol.

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