Mini Rockers: Mychal

Mychal~Bella Rayne
I’m 4 3/4 years old lol my Birthday is  January 16 CAPRICORNS ROCK! I come to you by way of Winston Salem, NC.
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Top three products mommy uses in our hair and prices.
Shea Butter for my hair shaft
BB Olive Oil Strengthener for my scalp
Argan Oil PRN


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What do you like most about your hair?
The Big Curls
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What is your favorite style mommy does to you hair?
Big & Loose Coils when I Free To Be!
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Do you ever do you own hair? If so, how??
Yep… Two Ponytails<3
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What do you want to be when you grow up?
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 Finish this sentence:
I rock my natural because
Organic Hair ROCKS!
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