Mini Rockers: Londynn


My name is Londynn Lee and I am five years old. I am from Decatur, Georgia.

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Top three products mommy uses in my hair and prices.

My mommy uses Mixed chicks Shampoo and Conditioner ($11.00).   My mommy uses Shea Moisturizer ($10.00)which can be found at Target and she loves to find coupons with it. She also uses Camille Rose ($10.00) to maintain my bounce and keep my twists tight.

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What do you like most about your hair?

I like my hair because it’s three different colors blonde, brown and light brown.  I like my hair because it’s BIG!!!!!!

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What is your favorite style mommy does to you hair?

My favorite hair style is two pony tails. Makes me feel pretty. Or sometimes I go wild with a BIG FRO!!!!

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Do you ever do you own hair? If so, how??

Sometimes.. My mom doesn’t like me doing my hair because I get the combs stuck. But I like to twist my hair my self. I have learned that from my mom and she says that I do a good job!!


What do you want to be when you grow up?

I want to be a doctor and a teacher. Because I want to teach everyone so they can be smart and a doctor so I can heal boo boos like Doc

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Do you have a Naturalista or YoubeTube vlogger?

I don’t know what that means I’m only 5. (Her words not mine.) I like Zuri on the Disney Channel because she acts just like me sassy, funny and smart!

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Finish this sentence:
I rock my natural because I love my big hair and it makes me feel special!

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