Mini Rockers: Kennedy


Kennedy Hall, age 7, Washington DC metro area
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Top three products mommy uses in your hair.
 Miss Jessies Quick Curls, Crème of Nature Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner, Palmers Coconut Oil, Carols Daughter Hair Milk
What do you like most about your hair?
I like most about my hair:  I love my curls, and I can be creative with my hair styles
Do you ever do you own hair?   If so, how??
Yes, I do my own hair!  I can do Bantu Knots.
How do You or mommy tie up your hair at night?
My Mom and I twist my hair into Bantu knots at night and wrap my hair in a scarf
 What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to be a rockstar when I grow up
Do you have a favorite naturalista? Princess?
My favorite naturalista is Skai Jackson
 What do kids at school say about your hair?
Kids at my school always ask to come over my house so my Mom can do their hair.  They love my hair when I wear it open and curly!
 Finish this sentence:
I rock my natural because I feel pretty and I love to twist my curls around my fingers!!
Keep Rockin Kennedy!
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