Mini Rockers: Camryn Naomi


Camryn Naomi, 4, American kiddo born & living in Germany while my Daddy plays professional basketball in Europe!photo 4 (6) 

Top three products mommy uses in our hair and prices.

(Mommy has super straight hair so only my curls get this special TLC)
Kinky-Curly ‘Knot Today Leave In Conditioner’ $12
As I Am ‘Coconut CoWash Cleansing Conditioner’ $8
Organic Coconut Oil €14photo 3 (5)  

What do you like most about your hair?

“I like when I pull my curl and let go…it goes BOING!”

photo 1 (5)

Do you ever do you own hair? If so, how??

“Yes! I like to fill it with pretty bows on top of my head. Haha”


What do you want to be when you grow up?

“I want to be a fitness girl or a doctor or an artist.”

photo 2 (6)

 Do you have a Naturalista or YoubeTube vlogger?

We love watching all the amazing videos on Instagram by the natural hair community and also love making our own and sharing natural hair mask recipes!


Finish this sentence:
 I rock my natural because

“…mommy says I’m unique and a cool kid so I take care of my hair so it can grow long like Rapunzel!”photo 5 (4)blo 

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