Mini Rockers : Jordyn

1. Introduction ( Name, Age, Location)
My name is Jordyn i’m 6 years old and i live in Las Vegas, Nevada! 
2.Top three products mommy uses in my hair and prices.
 The first thing Mommy uses is ORS smooth-n-hold pudding almost everyday on my hair! I love wearing buns and puffs and this stuff doesn’t make my hair turn white and crusty… mommy loves it. It costs around 5 bucks!
The second thing mommy uses almost all of the time is Miss Jessies pillow soft curls. It’s a little expensive, at 22 dollars a tube but i’m pretty sure mommy has had the same tube for almost a year and we haven’t run out yet! 
The last thing mommy loves for my hair and uses almost everyday is Elasta QP Olive Oil and Mango Butter leave in conditioner. Its around 5 dollars at Walgreens. 
3.What do you like most about your hair? Least? (optional)
My favorite thing about my hair is that it’s big and crazy. When people tell me i have crazy hair it makes me happy.  My least favorite thing is when mommy doesn’t let me wear it in a giant afro ( she says she doesn’t want to blow dry my hair a lot but i really love my giant afro) …..and sometimes my hair doesn’t fit under hats, so i can’t really wear them. 
4.Do you ever do you own hair? If so, how??
I dont do my own hair but if i see something or if i have an idea, i ask mommy to do it for me. I really like to wear my hair out. My favorite thing for mommy to do is give me 2 curly pigtails and put a bow in the middle! I really like color in my hair too. My favorite is when i can have pink in it. I look like a rock star.
5. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I want to go to the Olympics like Gabby Douglas. I saw her movie and asked mommy if i could do gymnastics too! I started gymnastics and always do my best and now i’m on the competition team!… And i want to be a vet. I love gymnastics and animals so much.  
6.Do you have a favorite Naturalista? Who? Why?
I really love @danigrhams on instagram because we have the same hair! I like that she really likes books because i do too!
I love @halfietruths on instagram too! because she love animals just as much as i do!
and i love you! because you like crazy colors in your hair like i do. We look really cool with colorful hair. Mommy lets me watch your videos on youtube and sometimes, i pretend to make YouTube videos and commercials with my toys. 
7. Finish this sentence:
I rock my natural because…I can do so many things with it. I can wear my hair in so many ways. Plus, its cool. Nobody in my class has hair like me. I don’t like to be the same as everybody else. 
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My mommy writes a blog called The Confident Kid Project where she documents her journey to raising a confident daughter. She wants to inspire a strong sense of self love in children so that they can grow into strong self loving adults. the website is  You can also follow her on instagram @jeanicewebb

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