Manic Panic Purple Haze

Decided to go purple by doing a deep conditioning color using Manic Panic in Purple Haze.

photo (60)

I did the same deep conditioning color method I usually do except I put the color in first and then put the condish on top. I let it sit in my hair for two hours under a plastic cap and towel.

Here is how my hair looked prior to the purple:

photo (66)

Here is after:

photo (63) photo (65) photo (62) photo (61)


  • Assuming I’m using the whole jar how much conditioner do I add?

  • I tried this last night and it turned out so cute. I used one of the red colors. Very easy to do. Color isnt as bold as yours but I only left it on about 3 hours. Next time ill go much longer.


  • Okay so did you let the color and conditioner sit in your hair together for 2 hours then rinse both the color and the conditioner out ??, or did you put the color in rinse it out then let the conditioner sit in your hair for 2 hours by itself ??

  • See, I was thinking about doing this but I can’t really grasp the concept. Since I know youre supposed to rinse the manic panic until the water is clear but you do you leave it? Like, I use the three minute miracle condish by Aussie and I have jet black hair and I’m using voodoo blue by manic panic. I’m going for the blue highlights look. Help. Please

  • Gorgeous !

  • I use Aussie three minute miracle for my condish, so like I’d put the manic panic all over my hair, Im using the voodoo blue btw, .. So I put the color then the condish, cover it with a plastic cap and wait. Then so what? Do I rinse with cold water or what ?

    • naturallytash

      Then your rinse with cold water. You can rinse until the water is clear or near clear. Then you can style as usual. I have come to see that the manic panic color will run some every time you wash your hair. I honestly prefer the adore temp colors only because they last a little longer and don’t wash out as much with each shampoo.

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