L’Oreal Paris Feria Power Copper

image (50)

Soo I know I am the Temporary Color Queen and this Color is not but let me explain myself. I didn’t want to do the cinnamon and honey treatments on my new growth because I didn’t want to wait that long. So I decided to do my hair this color because not only do I love it lol It will be a great base color for all the other temporary colors I like to try.

I pulled out all my temporary color by washing my hair with head and shoulders and vitamin c packets and then doing a deep condish with Aussie Moist for 1 hour.

It took two boxes to cover my hair and immediately after coloring I did a deep conditioning for 4 hours before washing out and doing a washngo. Here are the results:

image image (43) image (44) image (46) image (49)

I think using box color is ok as long as you do lots of deep conditioning and above all take care of your hair. My roots did not come out as bright as the rest of my hair and that is because I had not done any honey and cinnamon treatments on my roots so that is my real natural color and it still took on the bronze just not as bright as the rest of my hair but it still gives off a nice ombre. I am excited to try my deepconditioningcolor method on top of this bronze cause I know the colors will be even more vibrant.


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