L’Oreal Liquid Hair Chalk Bronze Baby Review

Upon visiting Sally’s one day to re-up on some of my deep conditioning colors I came across the L’Oreal Liquid Hair Chalk and could not resist trying it.

I picked up these three colors at $5.99 a piece:

image (21)

Very Violet, Blue Hue and Bronze Baby. I decided to try the Bronze Baby:


Here are a few photos:

bronze bronze1 image (12) image (14)After I applied it and the color dried I liked it. It did have a very strong smell and it did leave my curls somewhat crunchy so I applied a pomade on top and diffused it in and it seemed to soften my hair up. Overall I gave it 8 out of 10 cause it was really easy to do and it gave a bright color. But honestly I could achieve this color with eye shadow and not have to go through as much trouble as I did to apply this.

The next morning I woke up to Crunchy, Dry and Frizzy Curls. It really felt like I had taken an entire bottle of hair spray and sprayed it all over. It was difficult to get a pick in it and hard to get my fingers through!

badbronze badbronze1

 I immediately washed it out and deep conditioned. Would I recommend this color? No! Would I use it again? No!

No because it is a lot of trouble to apply, it smells really strong, you really have to work to wash it completely out and day two you will have a matted mess if your not careful. I gave it an 8 out of ten initially but now it give it a big fat 2! Hair Shadowing would be a better option than this.


  • This actually worked for me! How long did you wait after using this to color your hair again? Sorry for being redundant, just wanted you to know exactly what used.

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