Jerome Russell Siberian White


While watching Frozen one day I had the idea to go for a white fro and name it Elsa! lol I picked up 3 bottles of Jerome Russell Siberian White and used all of all three bottles to get the all over look.

Meet Elsa:

photo (5)

photo (84) photo (83) photo (76) photo (77) photo (78) photo (75)

I will tell you this. This white color shed and flaked like no other. It got all over my face and sweater but it does wipe right off. I would suggest wearing this color no longer that one, two days max.


  • If you sweat a little will it rub?? or the color will fade? I want it for a Halloween party

    • naturallytash

      If you sweat it will rub on your face. The color really won’t fade until you wash it out but if your hair is dark you will need a couple of bottles for full coverage.

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