Jerome Russell Punky Color Rose Red

I loved the orange deep conditioning color but I missed my red curls so I picked up a Jerome Russell temporary hair color in Rose red from ulta for $5.99.



I mixed the above color with about a cup of mane and tail shampoo and let it sit in my hair overnight under 3 plastic caps and a t-shirt.


Here are my curls before:



image image


Here is after:

image image image image


  • Alexis Irving

    So, I use leave-in condish or regular condish, wrap it up, then don’t rinse it out?

    • naturallytash

      don’t use a leave in to color use a regular color. when you wash that condish out then you can use a leave in.

  • Will it damage my hair is I use your Vitamen C/Shampoo method to lighten, then use the Jerome Russell Rose, & finally the Red Adore all within a week? I really want to achieve red hair but I have naturally dark/off black hair.

    • naturallytash

      I wouldn’t recommend doing it all in one week. At least wait two weeks after doing the Jerome color to do the adore.

  • Will this color work on dark brown hair ?

  • Is Mane ‘N Tail mandatory for long lasting semi permanent color or could any moisturizing conditioner work?

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