Jerome Russell B wild Jaguar Green Spray on Color



I decided to give Jerome Russell B wild spray on color a try simply because I keep seeing them everywhere since Halloween is coming. Another reason is Splat Washables is not available in green ( I don’t know what the hold up is)and I really wanted a green fro so I decided to try an alternative to that. It cost about $6.00 and I got it from walgreens, but I have seen them in almost every drug store. I put my hair up in a high puff pony and only sprayed the pony part of my hair. It smells really strong but the color is really vivid. Immediately after spraying all the color on that I wanted to use I diffused my hair on low cool until it was dry. I then took my pony down and fluffed my hair with a pick. The color drys fast and once it is dry, its dry and doesn’t get all over your fingers or flake when you touch your hair. My hair feels the same as it would if I was using the splat washables. This color will last 2 days at best. I will do a vid soon to show my technique to applying it.

Below is a picture of my hair prior to using the Jerome Russell B Wild in Jaguar Green:

 Here Is The After:


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