Jerome Russell B Wild Green & Splat Washables Purple Tutorial


Here is a quick tutorial on how I apply the B wild spray on temporary color and the splat washables. I am always looking for new ways to temporarily color my hair with 0 damage and I am happy to say I have again discovered a new combo. 


greenpur4 greenpur6greenpur1

  Please Keep in mind ladies with any temporary color there will always be some level of mess. A mess putting it in and it may or can rub off. This particular combo will not get all over your clothes but when you do your hair or put some sort of cream on top of the color you will get color all over your hands and small flakes of color will drop if you pick out your hair. A tip I could give is use an old scarf or pineapple cap to cover your hair at night and an old pillowcase couldn’t hurt either. Also try to avoid putting color on your hair where it will directly touch your face. I can’t really say how this combo will work on straight hair because I have never tried it, but I am sure the spray on color would work just fine!!

Happy Coloring Ladies 🙂

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