IRMN in Color with Raquel

I was put on to this beautiful colorful naturalista via Instagram and fell instantly in love. It’s so awesome to come across another curlyhead who enjoys changing their hair color as much as you do. Her colors are always beautiful and bright and her curls are beautiful as well.

Keep Rocking Raquel!!


My name is Raquel Arcanjo

I am 21 years old

I live in Brazil, Camaçari -Ba

 How long have you been natural?
4 years
 What is your current hair color? What products do you use to color your hair?
Chocolate for now, I color with a toner or shade mask
Do you have any hair coloring tips? How often do you change your hair color?
Moisturize and take good care of your hair. I change my hair color when I think I should change in a maximum of about 3 months
 What are your top 3 products that you use in your hair?
A Moisturizing Mask, Moisturizing lotion, and Moisturizing Oils all Homemade.
Do you have a name for your hair, if so what is it?
I like to call her Rainbow
 Do you have any advice on keeping colored hair healthy?
Avoid washing your hair too much.
 Finish this sentence: I Rock My Natural Because…
I can be myself.
 Social Media 
Instagram: Raqueel_arcanjo

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