*IRMN Exclusive: FroGirlGinny

**Ginny is personally one of my fave naturals. Her sweet spirit and beautiful curls make it really easy to love her! Rock On FroGirlGinny!!!**

Hey loves, my name is Ginny and I am an enthusiast for Afro’s and Afreekah living in London.



How long have you been growing those beautiful curls?
I have rocked my mane since 2009 after my big chop.
photo (93)

What inspired you to start your blog?
I wanted to capture my personality and style into something people can engage with. It was on my 2014 list to start one and I’d always look at it with doubt that my blog will never be good enough until one evening I just made it and received so much positivity and love I could only grow from there.

Take us through a wash day with Ginny 😉
Well, I do not dedicate a day to washing my hair. I like to keep my routine simple so I wash once a week with a cleansing cream exfoliating my scalp then I condition whilst in the shower as my hair absorbs more moisture when it is completely wet. I comb through with a wide tooth comb then to smooth down my hair I use a tangle teezer brush. I style with Kinky Curly Knot Today then crate Deva Curl Light gel to define my curls and air dry.
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What are your top staple products?
Tresemme All Natural Conditioner and my Afro pick! I love my big hair.

Do you have a name for your curls?
Frogirl’s Curls. 

What method do you use to preserve your hair at night?
The pineapple with a silk head wrap.

Aside from ROCKin your curlyfro, do you have a favorite go to style?
I experiment with African printed fabric and try up do’s to add some culture to my mane.
photo (96)

I see your curls are colored. Is this your natural color or how do you color your curls?
I last colored my hair last year in August and I DIY’d it as if it was a coloring book.
Whats the best advice you were ever given about your natural hair? 
Love your hair!

What would you say to the women that want to go natural but don’t know where to begin?
Get to know your hair for it’s unique texture, it will be different and a journey of adjustment but it is a beautiful journey.
Have you ever tried any of the color methods that I have become popular for? 
No but I want to!

Do you get random folks trying to touch your curls? if so how do you deal with it?
I let them, life isn’t that serious!
How does it make you feel  when someone tells you, you inspired them to go natural?
I am humbled each time, I love the love.
Finish this Sentence:
I ROCK My Natural Because it all mine!


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