**IRMN Exclusive** Aevin Dugas: The Guinness Book Record Holder For The Largest AFRO!!!

Let me start by saying I am a big fan of both Aevin and her Fro! She was/is honestly one of the women that Inspired me to ROCK my big natural hair. I was so thrilled when she agreed to do this interview with me and was flattered when she gave me a compliment on my own hair! Aevin is such a beautiful spirit and Inspiration to Natural women around the world!


Hi my name is Aevin Dugas I am from Napoleonville, la  which is about an hour an a half from New Orleans.

*How long have you been growing your awesome fro?
 I’ve been natural for 15 years!

image (35)

*Did you set out to be the world record holder for the biggest fro? How did that come about?

No I did not actually, that all happened by chance. My sister posted a pic of me wearing my afro and someone suggested I try out for a contest nappturality.com was having along with Guinness for the largest afro. I almost didn’t do it, but so happy I decided to go through with it!

photo (77)

*Take us through a typical wash day for you.

It’s actually very simple, I shampoo, normally on a Thursday, then apply conditioner and then deep conditioner and sit under a hair dryer for about an hour. Then I rinse and add a few oils and style my hair into 2 frenchbraids. It stays in that style until I decide what I want to do with it by the weekend. It’s a very simple regimen.

photo (75)

 *What are your top staple products?

Honestly lately I’m all over the place with products. But I will say argan,  jojoba, almond, avocado and grapeseed  are usually somewhere in the equation. lol

photo (74)

*Do you have a name for your fro?

I don’t! lol, people ask me that all the time! It’s crazy because when I went natural it really wasn’t  considered “cool” so I never got into the whole naming of the fro! But I will say this, I had an email that was called “Afroshiek” and that was before I was even considering going natural so my fro  was meant to be! lol

*What method do you use to preserve your hair at night?

I tie my hair with a scarf I’ve been using since the beginning of my natural journey.

photo (73)

*Aside from ROCKing your Fro, do you have a favorite go to style?

Hmmm I have so many faves. I think my new favorite is the front bun that I’ve recently been seen rocking on some pics

image (34)

*How does it make you feel to see so many women inspired to rock their big natural hair because of you. ( Me included lol)

lol, it’s actually such an honor and when the little girls come to me saying I inspired them  to go natural it makes me soooooo happy……

photo (76)

*Whats the best advice you were ever given about your natural hair?

Honestly back then no one gave me advice bc no one was really doing it. For me it was trial and error, live and learn.

photo (79)

*What would you say to the women that want to go natural but doesn’t know where to start?

 I’d say go at at your own pace, you do not have to “big chop”. I know to a lot it’s no big deal  and it’s just hair but let’s be honest, “big chopping” is a hairstyle and everyone may not be comfortable with a bald or short haircut and that’s ok!!!! If you wanna transition for 5 years do it! Even though more than likely you’ll be ready to let go and cut the relaxed ends before you know it!! And be PATIENT! Don’t look at others progress and judge your own, this is YOUR JOURNEY. Embrace it, learn your hair, figure out what it likes and doesn’t like. What YOU like and don’t like. Also you can have “hair crushes” but please be “in love” with your own texture. That’s a must if you want to enjoy your hair journey.

photo (81)

*What is the silliest thing someone has either asked you or said about your hair?

Well, I think the funniest thing I’ve heard is when guys quote Andre3000 “I just wanna lay in yo hair”
I’m always like, ummmmmm ok 😉

photo (80)


*Do you get a lot of random folks trying to touch your fro? if so how do you deal with it?

Yes!!  I get that all the time. Some just touch it without asking. I’ve gotten to were I’ll let them pat but not pull on it and reach to the roots. I just feel like it’s mine, it’s been proven many times and I’m not proving it anymore!! lol


*Finish this Sentence:
I ROCK My Natural Because:

It is ME and  i I love everything about it.  The kinks the coils, the “kitchen” in the back and all!

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