Ion Color Brilliance Radiant Orchid and Fuchsia

After wearing the Golden Sunrise for a few days I soon felt as if the color was too light and wanted to go for a mix of Fuchsia and Purple. I chose to go with the Color Ion Brilliance in both Fushia and Radiant Orchard.

SBS-305084 405045

I put the fuchsia in the front half of my hair and the radiant orchid on the back half using my deep conditioning color method where I apply the color and then the condish on top. I let sit for 2 hours, washed out, conditioned again for 30 minutes and did my normal washngo.

Here is how my hair looked before:


Here is after:

DSC_0166 cc cc1 DSC_0156 DSC_0161 DSC_0162Love my Strawberry Shortcake curls but I do feel like I have done this look a few times before. Will most likely keep this combo for maybe a month before I decide to move on again 😉


  • I like this color do you have YouTube channel?

  • besides these products is their anything else you use because i tried your method and when i rinsed it out, the dye completely just washed out and I’m very upset about this, so did you use a pre-lighten method or something before because this was an epic fail for me! Now my hair wasn’t blonde when i tried it so is that the problem?!

    • naturallytash

      My hair isn’t blond under all my color it is bronze. Years ago I used to do the cinnamon and honey hair lighting method and that took my hair up to a light brown, but that didn’t happen overnight I did those treatments every other week for six months until my hair was a light golden brown. Later when my roots grew out I used a feria box color in bronze to touch up my roots and this is how I am able to achieve those bright vibrant colors.

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