High Beams Intense temporary Color Spray tutorial

Came across some High Beams Intense temporary color sprays at one of my local beauty supply stores and noticed they were only $3.99 


 Decided to try both the Punky purple and the Burgundy. Below is a tutorial on how I applied the colors:

One thing I can say with this spray you get more bang for your buck if you spray color on in short quick bursts. A little goes a long way and it doesn’t leave your hair feeling hard. Try to avoid spraying near your face to much cause it will rub off on it and if you use a light holding spray or pomade on top and set with blow dryer the color will not run nearly as much. To avoid your hands getting dirty keep on gloves until the very end of blow drying. I however need to feel my hair when blow drying and that’s why my hands became so messy. But it washes right off so it’s no problem.

If you have an idea for a color combo or color product you would like to see me do a video on leave your suggestions in the comment box below!!

Happy Coloring Ladies❤️💗


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