Half Pink/ Half Purple= Nerds

 Decided to go for a two tone look by using the Beyond the Zone Color Bombz in both Pink and Blue.

I simply parted my hair down the middle and sprayed one side with the blue and one side with the pink.

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I was really trying to achieve a blue and pink look but when I sprayed the blue over my already raspberry colored curls it turned a darkish purple instead.

Here are the finished results:

photo (18) photo (19) photo (20)


  • Where can I purchase this brand?

  • I found that when I used spray colors my hair gets really dry and crunchy. Is there a secret to having soft hair even when you do your temp colors?

    • naturallytash

      The key to your hair not getting crunchy is to try and not spray over the same spot too much. If you do is when it gets really hard and dry. Another way to get rid of the crunchy is after the color is dry you should pull some of the strands or in my case curls apart so that all the access color will flake off. However when using any spray on color you will feel the color in your hair. To get rid of some of the dryness you can apply product on top but it will get all over your hands and it will fade the color some.

  • Love it. Always wanted to try pink. I will stick with one color first lol. Does it take one can to cover your whole head? Also do these tend to rub off on clothing? Thanx.

    • naturallytash

      thank you! I would recommend using two cans to do your entire head. One can per side. Yes it will rub off if your hair touches your shoulders and I would avoid wearing white. Blow drying your hair directly after you spray will help dry and lock the color but it will still rub off. it will rub off more if you don’t blow dry it directly after. Lighter colors will rub off less than darker colors. Good Luck!

  • I love it sister in law

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