Half Blue/Half Purple with Garnier Color Styler

I came across some of the Garnier Styler in CVS for $1.99 so I decided to finally give it a try. I had used the product before on a friends hair but had never really taken the time to try it myself. Below you will find a video on how it turned out:

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Ok so let me say that I will NEVER use this product again. First of all it creates clay balls all over your hair when it is completely dry and anytime you touch your hair those clay balls get all over anything and everything!! I know when using any temporary coloring method there is always some level of color transfer but with this product it is the absolute WORST. It also changes the texture of your hair¬†dramatically to where it feels rough and almost like a brillo pad. When I washed the color out I had to wash my hair 3 times to get rid of all the color and when I did get the color completely out not only had it pulled out all the color from the garnier styler it also pulled out the brown and orange deep conditioning color I had in my hair prior to using this product. Needless to say that this product is certainly not worth the hassle. I could have done this same look using temporary color spray and it wouldn’t have been half the mess or trouble!!

I would say skip this product all together!

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