~Hair Type Hype~


Being a women with natural hair one of the questions that your always asked time and time again is what is your hair type. In the beginning of my journey I spent a lot of time trying to figure that very question out. I seemed to have a lot of trouble doing so because my curls were/are not the same coil/curl around my entire Fro. I soon came to the conclusion that I was a mix of all the 3’s. But here’s my thing. How much does your hair type really matter. That shouldn’t be of any concern,what should be however is the condition of your hair. Is your hair dry or oily. Does is feel rough or smooth. Are your coils loose or tight. Is it brittle or soft. Don’t look for products based on type but look for products that will help the condition of your hair. It doesn’t matter if two women have the same type of hair the condition of each women’s hair may be totally and completely different.

No texture is better or easier than the other. I have had women tell me that my natural hair journey was easy because I have type 3 hair and I totally disagree.  Everyone’s journey is a learning process and mine was the same. I had to learn the condition of my hair in order to use the right products to maintain healthy hair.  

I think another thing is the acceptance of your OWN hair texture. No your hair may never look like your hair crushes or your Bantu knot out may never look like your favorite youtuber’s and that’s ok. You have got to learn, live and love your own hair. It’s all trial and error until you find what rocks for you. Believe me all and any of your hair crushes all had to learn and love their own hair just like you. Next time your on social media and have the urge to post a picture of someone else and say #haircrush use a picture of yourself on a good hair day instead.

I say all this to say my personal opinion on hair types is that it is crap. Everyone’s hair is different so I deem it impossible to put hair into four categories. Don’t waste time on that, learn the condition and go off that. In the long run it will have saved you a lot of time and money!! 

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