Hair Shadowing with Nyx High Pigment Eyeshadow

Disclamier: Right around the time I filmed this video I was really feeling some type of way because a more “known” YouTube vlogger  had stole my hair shadowing idea and was claiming it as her own. Since then hair shadowing has really became a trend with many different vloggers not only filming youtube videos but also claiming it was their bright idea. I once read a quote that says “You can copy someones style but NEVER their creativity”.  I no longer worry about it and when I look back at this video I wish I would have left that part out, but like I said it really made me feel some type of way. I and my copyright dates tell all the truth needed. When I started this trend almost 3 years ago I knew other women would try it and do it I just thought I would be given my credit where due, unfortunately to this day I am not always given that.  Many may do it but none can do it like me!!


This method will only last you 1-2 days maybe. This method is very vibrant and very temporary.


  • Your the first I’ve ever seen! I’ve been showing everyone your creativity! Because of you I haven’t died my hair half to death! Your bomb! And most of all creative! Keep doing your thing! I look forward to your next color combination!

  • Thats why i dont watch anyone who does hair shadowing but you. Ive heard about this technique when you were featured on since then i subscribed to your youtube and learn all about it as i can before i try it out. With all the knowledge that you have i can tell you are the one who created it. thank you QUEEN OF HAIR SHADOWING!

  • I still believe you were the first that created this idea. Have you licensed this idea yet? It’s brilliant!

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