Gold Curls For $.99

creamCame across some no name cream eye shadows in a beauty supply store for $.99. I used two full containers to give myself some goldish/blondish highlights. It took about 30 minutes to do an all over color look.

Here is how the my hair looked before:

photo (81)

Here is after:

photo (80)

photo (86) photo (85) photo (79)

The color will not rub off if set with a blow dryer but it can if you sweat or get your hair wet.


  • Do you have a tutorial on how you put the product in?

    • naturallytash

      Look under hair shadowing where I did the black and red color. I applied it the same way you will see me do this color.

  • Hey I have thin curly hair and I need to cut it shrim it or something because its very damage and lots of split ends, how do I have to cut it in order to see volume and healthiness???

    • Do you recommend the devacut???

    • naturallytash

      Lots of layers is great for curly hair. Prior to me going natural I had my hair cut in a layered bob so my curls have grown out as such. I trim my own ends.

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