Garnier Curl Sculpt & Coconut Oil Sponge Roller Set

DSC_0199I began my sponge set by washing and conditioning my hair and then applying some of the coconut oil to my hair in four sections. I let it air dry and then I rolled it up from the roots down with the smaller yellow size sponge rollers and I used about 20 of them. I applied a real dime size amount of the garnier curl sculp to each section before rolling them up.  I left them in my hair overnight and then right before I took them out in the morning I blow dry them on low cool just to make sure that the curl has set.

DSC_0170Here are the curls freshly taken out of the rollers:

DSC_0176 DSC_0180Here are the curls pulled apart:

DSC_0182 DSC_0193 DSC_0188

The curls lasted until I washed my hair again. I kept them at night with a satin infused bonnet that you can find at any beauty supply store and I apply a little oil to my fingertips to pull them apart some more. The garnier curl sculp can be found at any drug store or super market and the Coconut oil that I prefer can only be found at Trader Joes.

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