Fun with Jerome Russell Temp’ry Color Sprays

I have always had a love for Jerome Russell Temp’ry Color Sprays and when they so nicely sent me an awesome package filled with tons of awesome colors I just had to do some sort of rainbow look. I ended up using 9 colors of the spray and this was the turn out:

I used the blue,burgundy,copper,green,pink, gold,honey blond and the roman bronze.

I wore these colors in my hair for two days and then washed them out. The next color sprays I decided to do was a mixture of the blonds, copper and bronze.

Here were the results of that combo:

Here are a few answers to the top questions I get about using temporary color sprays: 

Q. Does the color bleed? A. Yes! You have to keep in mind that these colors are VERY temporary so any amount of rubbing to that color will result in it rubbing off. If you sweat the color can and will get on your neck and forehead depending on the length and style of your hair. Also avoid wearing light color clothing cause if you touch your hair a lot it will result in the color flaking and creating a fine colored powder on your clothing. There is a way to lessen the color bleeding and flaking but this method will not stop it completely.

Q. Is there a way to stop my curls from feeling crunchy after it drys? A. Yes! When you apply the color try not to spray the same spot too many times. This is what really makes the hair hard, so I have found that it is best to apply it in small short bursts. Once you have finished applying the color apply a light curl cream or pomade on top of the color and then blow dry your hair on a low or cool setting. This will help soften the color in your hair. It will also help lessen color transfer by at least 80%.

Q. How long does the color last? A. 1-2 days I only use these sprays a little before my wash day. The color will fade after each day so this is not a temporary coloring method that will last you too long. Once again I must say they are extremely Temporary!!



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