Fun with Finger Coils


Below you will find a quick video on how I achieve Finger Coils.

I apply product to each section and then twist around my fingers from the top to the bottom. Once all the coils are achieved I then diffuse my hair on low cool until the coils are completely dry.


When I do finger coils half way through I have to stop and cut the access hair that comes off on my fingers. It gets really tight and feels as if it will cut off your circulation.  If this happens to you DON’t worry this is normal. Just stop cut the hair off and continue. 

Finger Coils can be done either big or small depending on how big of a section you coil. Here is how small finger coils look from wet to dry:

fin1 fin3

Here are small finger coils with hair shadowing on the ends:

*When hair shadowing finger coils it is best to put the color on BEFORE you pull your coils apart. That way you will have more all over color.

finb find fine fini finj fink

Here is how big Finger Coils look Dry:

finhHere is how big finger coils look pulled apart with hair shadowing on the ends: 

photo (86) photo (87) photo (88) Finger coils are a great way to obtain a more defined curl. It will take some time depending on your length of hair or if you choose to add color or not. But they should always come out beautifully! 

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