From Light Brown to Adore Petal Pink

First off let me say that before I tell you how I achieved my pastel pink please note that my method may not work for you especially if you are starting on jet black or any shade of black hair.

Prior to me going pink my hair was a light brown shade. I touched up my roots using a garnier box color in light brown. Then I used the color oops color prep to pull out the light brown shade I had in my hair. I did this process twice to really get all the color out and it left my hair a pale yellowish shade. My hair has been many colors so honestly its like mystery meat when I use the color oops. From there I used the Adore in Pink Petal and I let it sit in my hair for two hours using my deep conditioning color method.

Here is my hair before I pulled out the brown:


Here is a shot of the color oops I used to pull out the color:



Here is my hair after:

img_20161007_221333 img_20161011_133301 img_20161007_222823

When you use adore colors after each time you wash your hair the color will fade if you don’t refresh the color. After I washed my hair a couple of time my pink started to fade and look a more paler pink:

img_20161021_134946 img_20161019_211606 img_20161021_205925

I kept this pink color in my hair for a full month and I refreshed the color once with the Adore in Fruit Punch


 Here are the color results after the color refresh:

img_20161027_230037 img_20161105_140812 img_20161028_212647

I kept this color in my hair for the full month of October in honor of Breast Care Awareness Month.

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