Flexi Rod Set/Big Body Curls


What I used:

12 Large Purple Flexi Rods

Coconut Oil

Cantu leave in Condish

Cantu Curling Custard

How I did it:

First I dangled my damp hair and blew it out on low cool using the comb attachment on my blow dryer.

 Next I rolled it with 12 flexi rod rollers applying all three of the products and using rolling papers on the end. I then sat under a hooded dryer for almost two hours.



When I took the rollers out I made sure to have some coconut oil on my fingertips. I finger combed my hair and then used a wide tooth comb to blend my hair together. The flexi rods gave my hair more body than curl.

 This style lasted me 2 days wearing a bonnet at night .

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