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My name is Fatim (rather not say my age lol) and I live in Long Island New York. I was born in Senegal and grew up in Paris. My father is French and my mother from Guinee. I work for a courier company and we mainly ship anything medical/pharmaceutical.
I have transitioned for 1-2 years and became natural again since 2011.
I have 2 beautiful kids who have the same hair texture as mine and I can’t wait for my daughter to get a little older so I can play and experiment new hair do’s with her hair lol.
I am just a French girl who lives in the Big Apple and who loves to talk about natural hair, beauty, fashion/trends and health.


What or Who inspired you to go natural? Did you bc or transition?

 I remember a friend of mine who was really into natural hair sent me the link of this girl on YT (this is how I also got into YT lol) and I started watching all her tutorials and how I was just amazed by this head full of hair and the diversity of hairstyles she was able to manage with all that hair, I thought her natural hair was beautiful, and back then her name was Taren916. I first big chopped and it lasted a year, I couldn’t handle the awkward stage so then I permed my hair again. A year or 2 later I started transitioning and cutting my hair every 2-3 months until all the processed hair was gone.


 What are your current hair goals?
What I really want is healthy hair. Moisturized, shinny, healthy hair. Length wise i would like it passed my bra in a wash and go


 Top 3 products and prices.
At the moment I like to shampoo and condition my hair with the Coconut Hibiscus Curl & Shine from SheaMoisture ($10.99). For styling, I like the coconut & hibiscus curl enhancing from SheaMoisture ($12.99).
I have been using the Almond Jai Twisting Butter from Camille Rose ($16.99) . A little goes along way

Is there a product you have used that you would NEVER use again? Why?
Umm yes lol a lot… Pillow Soft Curls from Miss Jessie’s is one of them….

FullSizeRender (77)

 Do you have a favorite go to hairstyle?
I love my wash and go’s and my buns when my hair becomes unmanageable


 How do you protect you hair at night?
I put my hair in a pineapple and place my satin scarf on my regular pillow. I’ve noticed that my head scarf never stays in place and to be honest I just want my hair to be free


 Do you have a name for your hair or If you had to give your hair a name what would it be?
Don’t have a name for my hair but if I had to name it, it’d be Tabitha, don’t ask me why lol…
If your hair is colored what do you use to do so?

My hair is not colored but it used to be and to be honest I loved the color but it is so damaging to my hair strands that I went back to my natural color and stopped the dyes. But back when it was, I would just use the same natural hair products I already use..
Sum up your natural hair journey in three words.
Patience, Care, Freedom
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Any advice to the natural newbies?
Embrace your natural hair, your hair type is unique, love it, learn it and accept it. The more you know about your own hair the easier it would be to manage it. Be patient (if growth is what you want) and nourish it.
What is your favorite compliment you have ever been given on your hair?
Where did you buy your hair lol!!!!!!
If you could tell your younger self NOW something about your natural hair THEN what would that be?
I wouldn’t say anything because all my mistakes and experiments leaded me to what I know today, so I would just do it all over again lol
Do you have a favorite YouTube Vlogger? 

I follow a lot of people on YT, I particularly like Naptural85, ShamelessMaya, NaturalNiicey, Thesmartista….


Name one thing your followers may be surprised to know about you.
That I am a very shy person

Finish this sentence:
 I Rock My Natural because:
It represents who I am


Rock On Fatim!!!

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