Fall For Browns

The blue tips were very lovely but after a week I honestly was over it. I wanted to do a color more “Fallish” so I opted to try Sienna Brown


 I once again pulled out the blue and purple using color oops and then deep conditioned for an hour and ended by doing a deep conditioning color with the above adore sienna brown.

Here are the results:

IMG_4441 IMG_4440

 After a few days I wanted to add some highlights so I applied Maybelline Color Tattoo in both Fierce and Tangy(orange) and Bold Gold (blond)


and here are the results of that:

DSC_0216 DSC_0209-001 DSC_0207

When wash day rolled around I was sad to see the hair shadowing go so I decided to add a couple of different shades of brown to my already sienna brown. I took the front half of my hair only and applied color oops to pull out the sienna in the front. I then added both 

Adore Honey Brown


and Adore French Cognac


Here are the results:


IMG_4546 IMG_4545 IMG_4547 IMG_4538 IMG_4548 IMG_4585

IMG_4667 IMG_4744 IMG_4652


  • Hi I was wondering when you apply the eye shadow to your hair do you have to wash it out the same day if not dose it stain clothing or pillows

    • naturallytash

      You don’t have to wash it out the same day and depending on the color you applied it may stain your pillow case but not your clothes. Just protect your hair at night or use an old pillow case to be sure.

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