Deep Conditioning Color : Splat Ombre Fire

After pulling out all of my previous purple rage with the dandruff shampoo and vitamin c method, I went back to my natural brown color. After a good week I decided to do another deep conditioning color using the Splat Ombre: Fire.

 This kit does come with bleach but I simply just throw that away. I bought this color at Ulta for $10.99 and it comes with two colors inside. Both Red Ignite and Hot Ember. I put my hair in five pony tails. Two on each side and one in the front of my bangs. I put elastic ties about 4 inches from the bottom of my hair on each pony tail. I then mixed the red color with my Aussie moist 3 minute deep conditioner and applied the red to my hair carefully avoiding the ends of my hair where I had placed the elastic ties. Once all the red was applied, I then mixed the orange with some Aussie moist 3 minute deep condish and applied that to the ends of all my pony tails. I then wrapped each end of my pony with a small piece of aluminium foil. I then put all my hair under a few plastic caps and t-shirt and I let it sit overnight. About 8 hours. This method can be VERY messy so if you plan to do this have plenty of plastic gloves and caps. Make sure to wear really old clothes, cover your counter tops and ALWAYS protect your hair line and ears with some sort of oil.

Here is how my hair looked Before the Splat Fire:

photo (89)

Here is the after:

photo (24) photo (25) photo (87) photo (86) photo (85)

As you can see my hair really took on the Red color but the orange not so much. I know this is because I didn’t use the bleach but you can see a faint orange on the very tips of my hair if you look close enough.

Although I love the red I decided to amp up the orange on the ends of my hair by using an Alex Hair Chalk Pen in orange. I applied it to my ends only and then set the color with my diffuser on low cool.

Here is how my hair looks now with the orange tips:

photo (23) photo (22) photo (21) photo (20) photo (19) photo (18) photo (83) photo (84) I really love this color combo. I might even go as far as to say this is one of my faves! Just in time for fall!!


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