Deep Conditioning Color: Adore Purple Rage

I really took a liking to the splat washables in purple but soon grew tired of having to reapply it after every shampoo. So I was inspired to do a dcc using the adore purple rage.

How I applied it:

I have come up with another method prior to the old way I would apply. What I did was section my hair into four sections and applied Mane&Tail Conditioner to each section. Then I applied the adore purple rage in those same sections. I covered my hair with a plastic cap and turban and let it sit for almost three hours. Then I washed out and styled as usual.

Below is my hair prior to the Adore Purple Rage:

dcc7 dcc8

Below is my curls after the Adore Purple Rage:

dcc5 dcc4 dcc3 dcc

The purple came out a lot more darker than I anticipated but I like it. Its like having black hair without it really being black. In the sunlight you can really see the purple

I look forward to hair shadowing on top of this dark purple!!


  • I see… I want it BRIGHT just like yours lol, I will do the pre lightened until I see that light golden brown 🙂 color thanks for replying :)!!! Oh one more thing can I do like a batch of the cinnamon mixture and put it up until I’m ready for it? Or just prepare it when I want to use it?

    • naturallytash

      I wouldn’t make it and let it sit. Just make it when you plan on doing it! And your very welcome!!

  • Hi tash, I found a pic of you on Instagram and then from there I found your blog lol,I must say I love all the colors you’ve put in your hair love love it!!!! All of them so pretty. Ok let me get to what I wanted to ask you, my natural hair color is somewhat blackish brownish…. Not quite sure I want to try one of your techniques.but first I read somewhere on blog that I must do the cinnamon thingy first for couple weeks. If I want a purple color like above do I have to do the red color first? Or I can go ahead with just using the purple?

    • naturallytash

      I pre lightened my hair using cinnamon and honey treatments twice a month for close to a year to get my hair to a light golden brown. You could go ahead and use the purple but it may not be as bright as mine.

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