CPC Color Stories/Detailed How-to/ FAQ


Below you will find more detailed instructions on CPC application:


  1. Dip a little CPC out with fingertip.
  2. Rub fingertip and thumb together
  3. Grab a small/med section of hair
  4. Rub into the section of hair in a downward motion
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 if the color is not as vibrant as desired.
  6. Set/Dry color with a blowdryer on lowest setting. Color can be air dried but it will take much longer that way.
  7. If your hair is really dark or you want the color to be more vibrant add another layer by repeating all steps on that same section of hair. Keep in mind the more CPC you use/apply the longer your set/dry time will be.


  1. Apply color in 4 sections or if hair is really short you can apply all over without sections.
  2. Dip a quarter size amount of CPC and work in each section from the roots down to the tips.
  3. Apply more as needed to get even coverage. You can apply like you were applying conditioner to your hair just avoid rubbing the color into your scalp.
  4. Set/dry color with a hood dryer or hand held blowdryer. Color is not completely dry until you can touch it and it does NOT come off on your hands.

**For straight hair you can follow all the same steps as above but after you set/dry the color with a blowdryer you should comb or brush through the hair with a small tooth comb or brush. Also you should use very little CPC at a time to ensure you don’t wet down the hair too much. A little really does go a long way. You can flat iron or use a curling iron with CPC in your hair just make sure you are ok with the color rubbing off on your styling tools as you do so.

***CPC can be used on damp hair for twist outs, braid outs, bantu knots etc. but once the color is dry it may not be as vibrant or bright as you would like. In this case you can apply another layer of CPC once you take down the style.


CPC is totally mixable. All colors can be mixed together to create custom colors.

Love pastel colors? Apply the color Frosting(white) to your hair first and then layer another color on top to create a pastel or lighter color.

The color will last 3-5 days and sometimes even longer. When the color fades you can add more color on top to refresh the color or create a new color. Keep in mind the color will not be completely gone until you shampoo.

CPC will last up to 16 months as long as the container is tightly closed and it’s stored in a cool dry place.

CPC is not intended to be used as regular makeup. It is a “hair makeup” and can be used on any hair” but not for lips or as eye shadow.


1. Does you hair need to be pre-lightened to use CPC?

No! CPC will work on any color or texture hair. For darker coloured hair more than one layer may need to be applied, for lighter coloured hair less product can be used.

2.  Does CPC need to be applied on wet or dry hair?

Dry hair is the best method. However it can be used on damp hair to achieve certain styles like twist outs or braid outs for example. CPC should be applied as the last step to styling your hair after all your prior hair products have completely dried in the hair.

3. Will CPC make your hair feel hard, crunchy or waxy?

No!  CPC is a cream based product and contains no gel or wax.

4. Will the color transfer onto clothes, pillowcases, etc.?

No! Once you completely set/dry the color with a blowdryer it should NOT transfer. You can check this by touching your hair after drying. If the color continues to rub off on your hands then the color has not completely set. *The colors Fire(red) and Rose(Burgundy) are EXTREMELY pigmented and may take longer than the other colors to completely set.

5. Do you have to set the color with a blowdryer? Can you air dry instead?

No! You can air dry just keep in mind it will take much longer for the color to set this way and it is really only recommended that you air dry if your hair is really short.

6. Can CPC be used on straight hair? Can heating tools be used on top of the color?

Yes! CPC can be used on straight hair. You use the same method to apply the color but once the color is set/dry you should brush or comb through it to allow even distribution. Heating tools can be used on top of the color without the worry of harming your hair but the color will run onto the heating tools.

7. How many containers would I need to buy to color my entire head?

The answer to this varies on how long and how thick your hair may be. CPC was created to achieve color highlights although it can be used for all over coverage. In most cases 4-6 regular sized containers will give you full coverage or 1-2 30g size containers. The 2oz container is coming soon which will give a person with shoulder length hair 2-4 uses.

8. What reasons would CPC not  work in your hair?

Product build up and/or the use of heavy oils in your hair will prevent CPC from being able to stick to your hair. Although this has not happened often, when it did it was for one of these two reasons.

9. Will CPC completely fade out or will I need to shampoo it?

CPC is made to last 3-5 days and will slowly fade out. The color can last even longer depending on your base/original hair color. The color will fade some each day but it will still be present in the hair. Upon your first shampoo is when the color will completely go away.

10. Where is CPC shipped from? How long does shipping take?

CPC is based out of Houston, TX. Shipment takes 2-3 days for processing and then 2-4 days to arrive to you once shipped.

11. Is international shipping available?

International shipping is not yet available but we are actively working to make it possible.

12. What are the CPC indegrents?

Mica Iron Oxides, Titanium, Water, Glycerin, Cocoa seed butter, Shea butter, glyceryl stearate, hydroxyethyl urea, magnesium aluminium silicate, fragrance, demethicone and titanium dioxide.

13. CPC is a “Temporary Hair Make-up” can it be used like regular make up?

No! CPC is not to be used as eye shadow, lipstick or mascara. However it can be used on eye brows, beards, mustashes and goatees.

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