ColorSmash Color Kissed HairSpray

I was sent an awesome package from Nicholas over at Colorsmash and I just couldn’t wait to give these color hair sprays a try!!

I decided to try out the Indigo and Violet colors first. Below you will find a quick video on how I applied the color:

Here are my pro’s and con’s on using this Color Smash Color Kissed Hairspray on natural curly hair:


A little goes a long way

vibrant color

great hold

washed right out

color gets darker as it drys

color changes color over the course of a few days (gets lighter)

Hair looks healthy and shiny with the color 

Color does not run off on your hands once color drys


Hair feels crispy/stiff

Strong smell

Higher Price Point than most Temp Color Sprays

Over all I think it is a great product you just have to keep in mind that it is a colored hair spray and it does exactly what a hair spray is meant to do. HOLD!!!  I would certainly use it again, I just wouldn’t recommend you keep the color in your natural hair for two long. I think 1-2 days would be best. However I’m sure it would be different if used on straight hair and I think the next time I do use this product I will either use it on a blow out or a roller set.



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