Color Tattoo Silver Streak & Wet and Wild Silver Eye Shadow Tutorial


Soo I wanted to achieve a gray curls look so I decided to use the color tattoo silver streak mixed with wet and wild silver eyeshadow

color-tattoo_silver-strike_pack-shot Wet-n-Wild-Color-Icon-Eyeshadow-and-Glitter-Singles

I bought the color tattoo from walgreens for $6.99 and the wet and wild from Kroger for $.87.

Here is a tutorial on how I applied the color:


Here are before shots:

IMG_6316 IMG_6317

Here are after:

 IMG_6323 IMG_6325 IMG_6326 IMG_6327

 The reason it gives off a iced lavender effect rather than just straight gray or silver is because my hair is the pinkish/purplish underneath. If your hair is darker it will look more gray rather than lavender.

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