Color Tattoo Painted Purple


Decided to give myself some purple tips. So I applied the Maybelline Color Tattoo in Painted Purple to the ends of my hair only. The color is very vibrant and will show up nicely on any color hair. It can be bought at any local drug store for around $6.99- 7.99.

Here are the results:

image image image image image image This color will last you 3-5 days or until you shampoo. Because it is a cream eye shadow you don’t have to worry about frizz. When applying rubbing it in is key!!!


  • i noticed you had a step-by-step picture guide for the spray but i haven’t been able to locate the same for chalks/shadows.
    can you please upload/link a video of exactly how to achieve this with eyeshadows/chalks?

    i’m very interested in that method.

    also, i’m interested to know what you do for your nighttime routine?
    i usually fingercomb/detangle and plait/twist my hair at night to avoid knots and frizz, but that doesn’t seem like an option for this.

    thank you!!

    • naturallytash

      you can go to my youtube page to find a vid on how to use the shadow/chalk or you can check out my very first post on hair shadowing here. at night I pineapple with a locsoc so to avoid staining.

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