Color Tattoo Painted Purple

Color Tattoo Painted Purple is one of my favorite colors to hair shadow with because purple is my fave color. To apply is very simple. Just dip some out and rub into hair. No matter what hair style you choose you can apply this color. However if you do bantu knots or twist outs or any other style similar to that apply the color as your last step. You should always apply this color as your last step to get the best results.


Here is how my hair looked prior to applying the color:


Here is after:

IMG_5764 IMG_5763 IMG_5761 IMG_5762 IMG_5759 IMG_5752 IMG_5776 IMG_5784 I used almost two complete containers of the color tattoo to acheive this look. If you don’t like the messiness or crunchiness of temp color sprays this would be a better option but the color tattoo does cost more and will take more time to apply.

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