Color Brilliance Temporary Color Masque Red on Top of Raspberry Kamikaze

Came across another temporary hair color product in Sally’s named Color Brilliance Temporary Color Masque. It says it will last 2-3 shampoos and you put it in your hair after you wash and condition and let it sit for 30 minutes.


I left it in 3 hours. After the Manic Panic washed out after only two shampoo’s (btw I wont be using manic panic again for dcc) I decided to refresh my red with this product in Hot Red. I paid $2.99 (on sale but the regular price is $5.99)

Here are the results in indoor light:

photo (98) photoCAS9SFIX

After the Manic Panic faded out it left

the Raspberry Kamikaze color

photo (99)

I had in it prior so the red on top created this raspberry reddish color. 

Here are the results in the Sunlight:

photoCAX6SBMY photoCA7NHFL4 photo (97)


  • I would like to do a purple ombré on my ends. Do you have any tips to accomplish this look?

    I have dark brown hair and I want to use the DCC method but I’m not sure how to achieve the ombré look.

    • naturallytash

      You can do the dcc method on your ends only and wrap them in foil. I have a video on doing that coming soon but you can check out this post for tips:

  • Quick question will the color work over black and teal hair?

  • It looks awesome! Under your red was your hair a lighter shade? My hair is off black with green ends (due to a black rinse I used a few months ago and is permanently stalking my hair) I really want to achieve this red without using any box dyes.

    • naturallytash

      Have you tried the dandruff shampoo and vitamin c method to remove the color? It will also lighten your hair over time. My hair is light brown under my deep conditioning color.

  • Hi I just wanted to know further information on why you won’t be using the product again? your hair came out beautifully btw.

    • naturallytash

      I never said I wouldn’t use this product again. The last product I said that about was the bumble and bumble spray chalk.

  • what does “dcc” mean ?

    Deep conditioning color

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