Bye Bye Pink…Hello Ginger & French Cognac

After wearing the pink hair for a complete month (which is a really long time for me lol) I decided to pull out what was left of the adore fruit punch by washing my hair with a combo of


dandruff shampoo and vitamin c packs and then mixing the two adore colors


Ginger and French Congac and creating a brownish/orangish color.

Here are my results:

img_20161106_205508 img_20161105_172652 img_20161110_204316 img_20161112_173331 img_20161109_203828 img_20161112_173839 img_20161113_193741 img_20161108_201155 img_20161113_140129

One comment

  • I’ve been looking ALL OVER for this combo on natural hair! It’s exactly the color I was looking to get! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

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