Big Brown Rod Set Curls

I started with two packs of the big brown rod curlers. I bought them for $1.99 at my local beauty supply store.

I washed and conditioned my hair and rolled each section with a large brown roller using the below products on each section of my hair prior to rolling:


Cantu leave in condish, then the coconut oil and lastly the cantu curl activator cream.

Here is how my hair looked completely rolled up:

rodt9 rodt10

Once I was done rolling I sat under a hooded dryer for almost 2 hours.

Here is how my hair looked once it was dry and I removed the rollers:

photo (90) photo (91)

Here is my hair after I pulled apart the big curls:



Here are my big rod curls with hair shadowing on the ends:

roddtt2 rodt5

This style lasted me three days making sure to pineapple at night.


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